Reunion for iPad

Name: Reunion for iPad
Developer: Leister Productions, Inc.
Type: Genealogy application for iPad
Latest Version: Reunion for iPad 1.0.2 – Nov 23, 2010

For the Reunion for iPhone/iPod touch application, please see Reunion for iPhone

Reunion for iPad is a genealogy application that allows you to take your genealogy application with you. It is a companion to Reunion 9 on the Macintosh, and as such does require Reunion 9.0c running on a Mac OS X machine.

Differences between Reunion for iPhone and Reunion for iPad – Reunion for iPad offers:
* An index of bookmarks or list of relatives is always visible and that can be filtered in several different ways, such as upcoming birthdays or people who have photos
* The family tree becomes interactive when you tap someone in the list
* You can display a list of all relatives of any person
* Add photos from the iPad Photo Album
* Tree view shows up to 4 generations back and 4 generations forward
* Ages report includes photos
* You can email family cards, tree charts, photos, and lists from within the app

Cost: $14.99
Link to App Store:
Apple/iTunes App Store

Platform: Apple iPad
Software Requirements: iPhone OS 3.2 or later (including iOS), Reunion 9.0c running on Mac OS X
Hardware Requirements: Apple iPad
Landscape/Portrait: Yes
Languages Supported: English
GEDCOM Support: Yes (through Reunion 9.0c)

Current Version: Reunion for iPad 1.0.2 – November 23, 2010
- Reunion for iPad 1.0.1 – Sep 27, 2010
- Version 1.0 – August 23, 2010 (first release)

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