Mobile Genealogy

Welcome! There is still some work to do, and we are just going to keep adding more information as we find it, or as it’s sent to us.

If you see any errors, or have any sites, articles, or information that you think should be here, please click on ‘Contact’ link

Some of the things we will be working on (in the near future):

    * Comprehensive comparison charts
    * New Reviews, tutorials, hints & tips
    * PDA/Genealogy software compatibility/incompatibility.
    * Recommendations for PDA purchases, based on user input.
    * A WAP/RSS accessed website listing mobile genealogy news (mainly software/tip oriented).
    * Recommendations for non-genealogy software (and hardware) that compliments genealogy research with PDAs.

The forums are open as well, if you need help or have anything to discuss about mobile genealogy.