The Ultimate in Handheld Genealogy?

A friend emailed me about an interesting alternative to PDAs for genealogy that’s been around for a while – the model 01+ from oqo. This is a fully functioning Windows XP computer that is small (probably the smallest that has a built-in keyboard). For some genealogists, having all of the tools they normally work in this small of a package would be interesting. model 01+

The price is very steep (although ebay may have some for less):
* $1499 USD for the base model – 1 GHz processor, 20GB HD, and 256MB RAM.
* $1899 USD for the Plus edition – 1 GHz processor, 30GB HD, 512MB RAM.

– 5-inch, 800×480 indoor/outdoor LCD Display (that doubles as input – it’s a touchscreen)
– Runs Windows XP
– 20GB+ Harddrive
– Integrated Wireless (WiFi, Firewire, USB
– Just less than an inch thick, and 4.9 inches long by 3.4 inches wide and weighs just 14 ounces (not bad for a Windows XP computer).
– Slide-down keyboard
– Price
– Battery life is not that great compared to a PDA.
– According to the reviews, the bootup is a little slow
– May run warm

Review from LAPTOP Magazine – December 2004.