Palm: Palm TX

Palm has also introduced a new Palm OS handheld, the Palm TX, which looks to be a good fit for many genealogists that prefer using Palm OS. also has a review of it. It retails for $299, and it uses the same screen as the LifeDrive.

Updated: PC Magazine has also written a review of the TX.

Unlike the Z22, the TX has several features beneficial to genealogists:

1)320×480 resolution. Much nicer/easier to read genealogy data. Many programs support it, why not use it.

2)128MB built-in memory, with around 100MB available to the user.

3)Secure Digital or SD storage – basically it’s a flash memory card that you can use in addition to your normal on-board memory. PalmInfoCenter reports that you can retreive and save information on this card. You can also store photos on, as well as using it as temporary storage for moving files between computers, or having as a backup. The price of SD cards has come down dramatically over the past year, and you should be able to pick up a 256MB or 512MB card for a very reasonable price.

4)Wi-Fi – now that more and more libraries and research centers are supporting free, wireless internet access, this would be a good thing to have in those emergencies where you need to look something up on the internet. You can also use it to check your email.

5)Bluetooth – PalmInfoCenter didn’t confirm it, but you should be able to use a Bluetooth keyboard with this – great for quick data entry, and there are several quality Bluetooth keyboards for PDAs that fold up to a convenient size.

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