Pocket Genealogist Public Beta 3.00A36

Pocket Genealogist Public Beta 3.00A36 is now available (you can download it here).

This is a major update to Pocket Genealogist.

Developer’s Note

Version 3 is a long term development effort but we want to give Version 2 users the option of using the new features as they are being developed. You can use your Version 2 registration code with Version 3 although there is a “drop dead” date where it will stop functioning. (See ‘About’ screen in Pocket Genealogist to determine drop dead date) Each new Public Beta release may contain an extension to the drop dead date, the intent is to allow use of the Public Beta up to the point of Version 3 release. (No sooner than spring of 2006 and more likely summer)

New Features/Major Changes:

    Changes Report: In Progress
    Format command: Complete
    Relationship Calculator: Processing of Multiple Parents and “Relationship to Parents” needs to be completed.
    Reset command: Complete

* Added “Format” command (under “Tools”, “Devices”) for storage cards. This should work with PocketPC’s and HPC/2000 devices. This is an “Advanced” feature.

* Added “Soft” and “Hard” reset commands (under “Tools”, “Devices”). This is an “Advanced” feature. Remember, a “Hard” reset will wipe out all data and programs you have installed.

* Reworked main Pocket Genealogist screen on desktop.

* Reworked “Create” database process.

* Added “Changes on Device” report – this is VERY much incomplete, it is a long term process to create this report as there is a huge amount of code “consolidation” between the device and desktop. The report is currently not far enough along to be all that useful, but enough to give you an idea on how it will work.

* Most screens on the desktop can now be resized. (Both Vertically and Horizontally)

* On most screens, you can now save the width and order of columns of the “listviews” on the desktop.

* New “Tabs” on the details screen on the device… “Names” (for Individual), “Identifiers” (Individual and Family) and “Relationships” (TMG Individual only)

* If doing 2-way Legacy syncs, the LDS tab on the device will be turned on or off based on the value set in Legacy.

* Now uses the Windows Mobile 5 “CAB” file creator. (Used for device installs) If you are using an older device (pre-PocketPC) please let me know if you are successful with the install.

* Added Relationship Calculator (“Tools”, “Calculator”, “Relationships”) – This is currently an “Advanced” feature. There is still work to be done to properly handle individuals with Multiple Parents and to examine the “Relationship to Parents” values. (Such as “Adopted”, “Step”, “Biological”, etc.)

* The event “List” which is displayed when you create a new event on the device now orders the “primary” events at the top of the list in “timeline” order (Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, Burial)