PocketPC Mag – Software Awards 2005 (Genealogy)

Pocket PC Magazine has announced the winners of the Best Software Awards 2005 in the genealogy catagory.

Echoing last year’s nominations/winners:
Winner: Pocket Genealogist
Pocket PC Magazine’s comments:

Genealogy software with extensive data support that includes events, facts, notes, sources, repositories, and more. Also has addresses, to-do lists, alternate names, and LDS Ordinances. It uses standard GEDCOM files as input or direct import of Legacy, TMG, PAF or FTM databases. (Full 2-way synchronization with Legacy Family Tree V5 databases and the “Advanded” version of Pocket Genealogist)

Finalist: CE My Family
Pocket PC Magazine’s comments:

genealogy solution that includes both desktop PC and Pocket PC versions. The PC piece imports and converts GEDCOM files for use with the Pocket PC. The Pocket PC piece allows you to view and edit the most commonly used fields. After editing, the PC generates an “Edit Report” in which the edited fields are highlighted. You can then refer to this report when updating your primary data

Does anybody know if CE My Family is still being actively developed – I’ve not heard anything back from the developer myself.