Pocket Genealogist 2.96.8 Final

Pocket Genealogist has been updated to version 2.96.8 Final . Pocket Genealogist is a Pocket PC/Windows Mobile genealogy application. This is a free update for current users. It can be downloaded here: www.pocketgenealogist.com/download.htm, and you do not need to uninstall your current version in order to install this release, according to release notes.

Important: We made a mistake and were listing the Pre-release versions as the release version. The version announced yesterday, 2.96.8 is the official full 2.96.8 release, and contains all fixes between pre-release 2.96.1 and 2.96.8


Windows Mobile 5 Changes
* Changes to better support Windows Mobile 5 devices — especially on VGA devices.
* Change to make “Object Store” the default type of database during synchronization. (Mounted can be selected as the default from the Advanced Options screen) Object Store databases are faster and require less space and work better with Windows Mobile 5 devices.

Family Historian Changes
* Added ability to source the Place field for events.

FTM / PAF Genbridge Changes
* Changed PAF/FTM Genbridge import to set the living/dead flag based on presence of a burial or death event.
* Fix to FTM Genbridge import to properly mark only ONE primary event (of a single type such as Birth) as preferred. Also fixed an issue where the import could terminate if there was more than one death event for an individual AND a cause of death was supplied.

Genbox Changes
* Support for Genbox 3.6.1

Legacy Changes
* Added “Hide Format Codes” option (“Edit”, “Configuration”, “Edit” tab) which if turned on will remove the format codes (Bold, Italic, Underline, Superscript) from the notes when displayed. Currently applicable for Legacy V6 (“Direct”) only.
* When adding a child to an individual with no spouses, you will be prompted if you wish to create a family record in order to add the child. A fix was made to make the new “unknown” spouse the “preferred” spouse so that the child will be properly displayed in Legacy when doing a 2-way sync.
* Fix to Legacy V5 2-way synchronizing (error introduced in 2.96 – would cause 2-way sync to terminate with “Changes found in Legacy” message – no data was harmed though)
* Change to Surname and Given name process which will allow duplicate names if the case is “mixed”. (For example, SMITH and Smith will be 2 different surnames) This is applicable to all imports but originally changed to better support Legacy Family Tree “Direct” imports.

RootsMagic Changes
* Changed the RootsMagic profile to export notes in the proper format for RootsMagic. (Break lines within a word instead of between words)