Gedstar Pro 3.0

GedStar Pro 3.0 has been released by GHCS Software. It’s $24.95 (upgrade from GedStar or GedStar-Plus is $14.95). It works on PalmOS-based handhelds running PalmOS 3.5 – 5.x, including color devices, and requires a PC running Windows 98 – XP. For a comparison between GedStar, GedStar-Plus, and GedStar Pro, please see this page.

Among the Changes/New Features:
* Version 3 now converts and displays your photos (JPEG/BMP formats) as well as data.
* Lower Price.

Press Release:

Eastman’s Online had this information:

GHCS Software announces the release of GedStar Pro V3.0, an update of their premier genealogy software package for PalmOS handheld devices. The major new feature in version 3 is support for the display of pictures on the handheld as an integral part of the genealogy data. Pictures can be imported directly from The Master Genealogist and Legacy Family Tree, as well as from GEDCOM files that contain links to picture files. The user has some control over which pictures are converted, and all included pictures are automatically resized and compressed for efficient storage on the PDA. With a single tap, users can view pictures associated with individuals, events, sources, and repositories. The initial release supports pictures in the popular JPEG and BMP formats, but support for more formats is expected in the near future.

“The newer PalmOS devices have more memory, faster processors, and high-resolution color screens, which allowed us to finally implement this frequently asked-for feature,” said Doug Gordon, proprietor of GHCS. “We believe that GedStar Pro is the only genealogy program on any handheld platform to support this capability.”

GedStar Pro’s Homepage Description:

GedStar Pro is an all-new addition to the line of GedStar PalmOS genealogy programs. It is optimized for the latest devices with color screens, fast processors, and increased storage space.

It makes use of GenBridgeâ„¢ technology from Wholly Genes, Inc. to directly import data from your PC’s genealogy database. In this way it can take advantage of most of your genealogy program’s features to store and display virtually all of your important data.

All events — primary and alternate, standard and custom — can be converted, along with their source citations, notes, and repositories. It will even include your research task to-do list if your genealogy program has this feature.