GedStar Pro v3.1 Public Beta, GedStar Pro 3.0 Changes

GHCS Software is asking for people to test out v3.1 of GedStar Pro, a Palm genealogy application. You can find the details/download link here.

Even though V3.0 was released recently, there are already some improvements available that will become part of the V3.1 release within a few weeks. This public beta test is being made available for those of you who require some of the new features or just want to try them out.

Users with PalmOS V3.5 devices should definitely install this beta, as it will allow the picture feature to work on your device, but only if you select the new Convert to grayscale option on the Photos tab of the conversion program. Viewing pictures in color is not possible at this time on V3.5, but you will find that the grayscale pictures look very good and are certainly better than nothing.

GedStar Pro 3.1 Changes (Over 2.x/3.0)
* New graphics library for the PC converts virtually all known raster graphic types, including JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PCX, and several others.
* Conversion speed greatly improved – you will hardly see any difference with or without photos.
* Medium-high setting for color pictures yields slightly better quality than before, with slightly reduced size. The High setting takes more space than before.
* Can force conversion of all pictures to grayscale. Required for PalmOS 3.5 users; recommended for most low-res, limited-color devices.
* Supports some non-standard GEDCOM implementations, specifically the structure used by Family Historian.
* Conversion log file contains information about converted photos.