Deep Discounts on Dell Axims

From Dell Home & Home Office: “For a limited time, purchase select new Dell Axim Handhelds and get instant savings! Take 35% off Axim X51v 624Mhz Handhelds. Or choose an Axim “Deal of the Week,” a specially configured handheld solution, and save up to 40%! Orders must be placed through Dell Home Electronics & Accessories to qualify.”
This means a Dell Axim 51v starting at $324!

The VGA-Out support is great if you want to do any mini-presentations at a family reunion (there are VGA -> S-Video converters available). I have the previous version, the X50v, and it’s been a solid PDA. It’s very hard to get a Windows Mobile PDA at this price with both VGA resolution (great for the Windows Mobile/Pocket PC genealogy applications and a fast processor.

Palm LifeDrive Review

There is a new review of the Palm LifeDrive over at It was written by Brandon King, and he rates it a 7.5 out of 10. This Palm device could be for you if you happen to need a PDA and a media manager (photos, etc.), however they weren’t happy with battery and hard drive performance (it does have the most capacity out of all of the Palm devices though).

Ultra Lightweight Laptops

MobilityGuru has a rundown of several small Intel-based notebooks, “Ultra Lightweights”, including the Toshiba Libretto U100, with a 7.2 inch display and the Fujitsu LifeBook P1510D with an 8.9 inch display (not only that, it’s a Touchscreen!), as well as few larger notebooks.

We normally focus on PDAs, but some of these laptops these days are under three pounds, and a 7.2 inch screen with an actual keyboard (albeit cramped) could make for a useful platform for a genealogist who’s just not happy with a PDA, but doesn’t want a large laptop.

FileMaker Mobile 8

FileMaker Mobile 8 is now shipping. If you use FileMaker 8 to store your genealogy information and research notes, this maybe of interest to you. Among the new features – expanded workgroup support. The Starter Solutions has been expanded as well.