Pocket Genealogist Public Beta 3.00A50

Northern Hills Software has updated the public beta of Pocket Genealogist 3.0 to version 3.00A50. Pocket Genealogist is a PocketPC/Windows Mobile based genealogy application. This is considered a major update and the developer states that itRequires re-import of database in order for these changes to work.

* Added “Last Edit Date” to Individual and Family screens (“Main” tab)… only displayed if databases is “Locked (View Only)” and the import supports this type of date.
* Spanish translation update
* Better support for controlling if multiple sets of parents are allowed for an individual
* Relationship calculator changed to try and determine the biological parents when doing relationship calculation.

* Fix to GenBridge FTM import to remove duplicated Citations. (Which were not viewable on the device anyway, but did create more data to be transferred than it should have)
* Miscellaneous fixes.

It can be downloaded from this page.