GedWise Updates (Windows 6.2, Mac 6.3.3, Linux 6.3.3)

Battery Park Software has updated their Mac OS X and Linux installer for GedWise, their PalmOS-based genealogy application. This brings GedWise for Mac OS X and Linux up to version 6.3.3.

They have also updated their Windows installer to version 6.2

The update can be downloaded here –

GedStar Pro 3.1b

GedStar Pro, a PalmOS genealogy application, received a minor update to version 3.1b to correct a bug in version 3.1a that could crash a program when searching for individuals by user-defined reference IDs.

GedStar Pro 3.1a

GedStar Pro, a PalmOS genealogy application, was updated to version 3.1a.

NOTE: This update is only recommended if the following new features are applicable to you:
* Full support for the one-handed navigation feature of Treoâ„¢ smartphones and the latest handhelds (specifically the T5 and T|X models).
* Support for displaying and searching for user-defined reference IDs as supported by specific genealogy programs.

You can download the Windows-based installer here.

Portable Projector Reviews

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, and you’d like to jazz up your family reunions and genealogy presentations, PC Magazine has a review of some of the latest portable projectors, the Canon Realis SX50, the Sony VPL-CX20A, and the ViewSonic PJ256D. The ViewSonic is the cheapest, running around $1300 and on up. This is not for those on a budget, but if you could see using these elsewhere, not just a few times a year, they might very well be worth it. They are made for computers or standalone media components (DVD/VHS, etc.), but there are PDA cables/extentions available that would allow you to hook your PDA upto one (I know, for instance, that Dell makes a cable for their Axim PDA series).

Pocket Genealogist Public Beta 3.00A51

Northern Hills Software has updated the public beta of Pocket Genealogist 3.0 to version 3.00A51. Pocket Genealogist is a PocketPC/Windows Mobile based genealogy application.

* Change to all imports to prevent occasional program termination.
* Removed “Merge All” screen for 2-way Legacy synchronizations.
* Changes to how the Relationship Calculator does translations for non-English languages. (Norwegian and Portuguese has been updated)
* Added a “Swap” button to the Relationship Calculator.

* Fixed “Last Edit Date” for PAF GenBridge imports.
* Fix to the “Search” dialog (during create) to properly show the TMG version for the databases in the list. (Previously was always indicating Version 5)
* Fix to “Delete” spouse so that you can also delete the family record at the same time.

It can be downloaded from this page.