Pocket Genealogist 3.00A54

Northern Hills Software has a new public beta of Pocket Genealogist 3.0, this time it’s version 3.00A54. Pocket Genealogist is a PocketPC/Windows Mobile based genealogy application.

Note: Requires re-import of database

* Translation updates for French, Dutch and Norwegian
* Support for Genbox 3.6.3
* Changes to database to decrease size (About 1MB for Windows Mobile 2003 and earlier and 250KB for Windows Mobile 5)
* Relationship calculator now “auto calculates”. Also allows selection of individual by ID.
* Goto ID/RIN screens now changed to allow switching between ID and (M)/RIN from the screen.
* Fix to Names, Relations and DNA tab to work properly after switching to another tab, then back.
* Added new “Research List” tab on the “General Details” tabs. (“Edit”, “General Details”) This is where Family Historian “Named Lists” will go. For other imports, the user can add items to the list and will have a function similar to “Field Notes” for viewing/printing on the desktop. Additionally, new “Search” functions in Pocket Genealogist will allow to save the result set into a “Research List”. Currently, only the importation of Family Historian Named lists and display of the data is implemented.