Pocket Genealogist 3.00A55

Northern Hills Software has a released a new public beta of the 3.0.x series of Pocket Genealogist, version 3.00A54. Pocket Genealogist is a PocketPC/Windows Mobile based genealogy application, and this series is part of the 3.0 public beta series.

* Support for Legacy “British Quarter Dates”. If you are using these dates, you should re-import your database. (And of course will need or newer of Legacy)
* Added additional trace messages (“Tools”, “Sync Tracing”) for USB attached Windows Mobile 5 devices. (Actually it works for all devices) If you are having “Unable to Communicate” problems with ActiveSync 4 and USB, please try it again with tracing on, then send me the trace.
* A lot of additional functionality added to “Research Lists”. You can now add/edit/delete Research Lists and add/edit/delete items in the lists. (Items include Individuals, Families, Sources and Repositories – you’ll find a new “Add to Research List” button on those screens) This works for ALL imports. Family Historian users should re-import their database in order for all the new functionality to work properly.

Note: Although you can make changes to the lists, the changes are not exported to GEDCOM (for Family Historian) nor is there yet a “Research List” report on the desktop.