Pocket Genealogist Pre-Release 2.96.20

There is another update for Northern Hills Software’s Pre-Release version of the Pocket Genealogist.

* Actually INCLUDES the New GenBridge module which should have been there with 2.96.19.
* Fix to PAF GenBridge import when 1st character of Surname, Given or Location is a Scandinavian character. (diacritic) Prior to change the “Find by” functions on the device was not properly finding those values.

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Pocket Genealogist 3.00A58 (Public Beta)

The Public Beta of Version 3.00A58 (includes A57 updates) of Northern Hills Software’s Pocket Genealogist is available. Pocket Genealogist is a PocketPC/Windows Mobile based genealogy application, and this is a part of the 3.0 public beta series.

Two major updates stand out: If you use Family Tree Maker, you need to get this version of the Public Beta. Those using their version 2.0 keys with the version 3 series – that will end in June.

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Pocket Genealogist Pre-Release 2.96.19

Northern Hills Software has a an update to Pocket Genealogist Pre-Release 2.96 series (this is version 2.96.19) for those using Family Tree Maker 2006. Pocket Genealogist is a PocketPC/Windows Mobile based genealogy application.

* New GenBridge module with fixes importation of multiple source citations with FTM 2006 and better handles multiple sets of parents per indivdiual.

You must re-import your FTM database to take advantage of the fixes.

You can download it here.

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