Pocket Genealogist 3.00A58 (Public Beta)

The Public Beta of Version 3.00A58 (includes A57 updates) of Northern Hills Software’s Pocket Genealogist is available. Pocket Genealogist is a PocketPC/Windows Mobile based genealogy application, and this is a part of the 3.0 public beta series.

Two major updates stand out: If you use Family Tree Maker, you need to get this version of the Public Beta. Those using their version 2.0 keys with the version 3 series – that will end in June.

Note: Requires re-import of database

To download and view a status of the changes coming to version 3.0 of Pocket Genealogist, please refer to this page (northernhillssoftware.com).


* New GenBridge module which fixes the Multiple Citation issue with FTM 2006 and Multiple Parent issue with FTM.
* Change to the Keypad on the “Find By” screen to allow selection of alternate character sets. (Greek for Example) Added Scandinavian characters to the “Alt” screen so all languages can search using those values.
* The “Search for Baptism” and “Search for Alt. Marriage” options removed from device and are now the default. (And made some fixes so that Heredis “Religious Marriage” events are eligible for date display on the 3-gen and tree views) Not all imports use Baptism dates (for date display on 3-gen) if Birth and Christening are missing.
* Added the Birth/Death/Marriage dates to the Individual and Family records to improve speed of 3-gen, tree views, and the “Find By” displays. All imports modified to populate this dates.
* Changes to how Custom Event fields are handled. (Agency for Family Historian, and Church, Religion, Time and Witness for Progen) If the import you are using has event elements that aren’t being imported, please let me know so I can implement.
* Fixes for Progen Import/Export. (Address, Info and Text fields, new custom event fields)
* “Drop dead” time for V3 using V2 registration codes now end of June.
* Memo/Detail field on the event screen now part of the “Cause/Status/Age” toggle field. Custom fields on subsequent line if applicable. (May combine both into one “toggle” field in the future to increase size of event list)