Pocket Genealogist 3.00A62 (Public Beta)

The PocketPC/Windows Mobile based genealogy application Pocket Genealogist from Northern Hills Software, has reached version 3.00A62 of the version 3.0 Public Beta.

v3 Public Betas are available for download from (from here.

Note: This requires a re-import of the database, and there were no versions 3.00A60 or 61 released.

* Individual View now displays data and you can do edit the selected person, spouses, parents or children from the list or add a new unlinked individual. All secondary (AKA) names are now added to the list as well as primary names. (Primary names marked with an “*”) All other menu items not yet implemented will have no action.
* Family Historian Version changes for Version 3 – reworked LDS status, better support for Repository and Addresses, support for Event “Sentence”, better Child Status support, support for 2nd place field for Emigration/Immigration, support for Flags.
* Support for current Legacy Family Tree beta version.
* FTM 2006 GEDCOM imports now put “Source Quality” and “Comment” source fields on the “Custom Source” tab
* Reworked “Font” sizing and allow selection of the font to use for 3-gen, Trees, Lists and Edit fields. Font selection now supported on all devices. (See “Font” tab under “Edit”, “Configuration”. Also the Windows Mobile Font “Slider” now works for all WM2003SE and later devices.