Evernote 1.5

Evernote Evernote’s iPhone (and iPod touch) client has been updated to version 1.5, with some major new features for iPod touch owners, namely voice notes (if you have the microphone/headset). Evernote could be described as a note-taking application, but that barely scratches the surface. It stores text notes, web clippings, audio notes, photos (even does optical character recognition on photos you upload). It’s made to synchronize across several mobile platforms and desktop OSes.

This update does not cover the Windows Mobile 5.x or 6.x Evernote client, and is only for the iPhone/iPod Touch client.

Download/Install: Evernote

– Voice Notes are now available on iPod Touch (2G), requires microphone headset
– Enhanced support for European mobile carriers
– Improved camera orientation handling

– Fixed snapshot-related crashing
– Better note editing in offline mode
– Better error messaging and handling
– Misc bug fixes