FamViewer 1.0.1

FamViewer, a recent genealogy application for the iPhone/iPod touch (released just last month) has been updated to version 1.0.1. FamViewer is independent of any desktop/laptop genealogy applications. It’s designed to import and view GEDCOM files through a couple of ways (over the web, over WiFi, etc.) and it supports both … Read more

Shrubs 1.2

Shrubs 1.2 has now been released. Shrubs is an iPhone/iPod touch genealogy application that imports GEDCOM files and displays your genealogy information through the touch interface. It was first released at the end of last month. Once you’ve imported data into Shrubs over the network, it can then function in … Read more

MobileFamilyTree 1.3.1

MobileFamilyTree, the iPhone/iPod touch companion to MacFamilyTree has been updated to version 1.3.1. MobileFamilyTree allows you to keep your genealogy information on your iPhone or iPod touch, where you can edit, view, or add new information, and then sync it back up with your MacFamilyTree on your Mac. Direct app … Read more