Shrubs 2.0

A few days ago, Shrubs 2.0 was made available through the Apple iTunes AppStore (Direct link: Shrubs).

Shrubs is a genealogy application for iPhone and iPod touch users that allows you to import up to a 4MB GEDCOM file. It requires iPhone/iPod software version 2.1.

Just as Shrubs 1.4 saw major performance enhancements, Shrubs 2.0 also has major performance improvements. It also has a major overhaul as far as the user interface.

It’s important to note that you will need to import your GEDCOM file again, as the internal database has been changed/upgraded.

* significant UI overhaul
* performance improvements
* ability to import files directly over WiFi (built-in web server)
* all individual and family events are now supported
* event sources are now managed

Upcoming Changes/Known Issues:
* individuals with only a last name (no first name) may show up with a blank name (fixed in 2.1)
* individual index may display multiple entries for the same individual when said individual has multiple birth/death events (fixed in 2.1)
* pressing the Upload button on the web interface without selecting a file may cause the application to crash (will be fixed in 2.1)
* individual and family events show up improperly if the GEDCOM file uses the “Y” tag next to the actual event tag (will be fixed in 2.1)

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  1. Can newly entered data be easily found? I would like to have a file that has all newly entered data so that the data can then be added to the files on my PC.

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