GedView 2.10 Released, iPad Supported

GedView, a genealogy application for the iPhone / iPod touch / iPad, has undergone a significant upgrade as of the 2.10 release. It’s now the first GEDCOM-based genealogy application running on the iPhone OS that allows for full-screen mode on the iPad. Note that this is not the 2x upscaling that Apps written for the iPhone or iPod touch employ when used on an iPad.

GedView offers quite a few advantages over other genealogy apps on the iPhone platform. It allows you to import GEDCOM files through several means (WiFi, 3G, etc.) as well as exporting either through email or through a built-in webserver. It can handle the importing of multiple GEDCOM files into multiple database and you can easily switch back and forth between databases. You can also create new databases/GEDCOMs within GedView. It is not tied to any Mac OS X applications.

– Improved date parsing, now handles month names in any language supported by the OS.
– Now makes use of _PLAC_DEFN as used by Legacy to add latitude/longitude information to places. Also supports reading latitude/longitude incorrectly placed on an address record
Support running full screen on iPad.
– Numerous bug fixes.

It’s available for $3.99 USD (or £2.39 / €2.99) ($4.99 AU) at Apple’s iTunes Music Store