Metes and Bounds 1.4.1 Adds iPad Support

Metes and Bounds (Universal) has now added support for Apple’s new iPad, in addition to supporting iPhone and iPod touches.

Metes and Bounds is an application that can be quite useful for some genealogists – it allows you to take a property deed or other such land description that you may come across in your genealogy research, and turn it into an actual plat drawing.

It does support quite a few units of measurement, and can even plot out with older measurements you might come across such as rods, chains, and spans. It does not (as of now) support plotting based on section calls. The desktop version allows you to set latitude and longitude points as well as layers (if you have multiple deeds centered on a certain piece of land).

The iPhone/iPad version allows you to email the file to your desktop or laptop Mac or Windows PC to be loaded into the Mac OS X or Windows version of Metes and Bounds.

* Added iPad support.
* No longer crashes if adding a call with no length.

It’s $4.99 and is available through Apple’s iTunes Music Store