MobileFamilyTree 2.5 – Native iPad Support

A few weeks ago, it was mentioned in an update of MacFamilyTree (a Mac OS X genealogy application) that there would be upcoming support for Synium’s iPhone OS version of MacFamilyTree, MobileFamilyTree. That day has arrived. With version 2.5 of MobileFamilyTree, we now have native/full support for the iPad’s higher … Read more

GedView 2.12

It’s been right around a month, but GedView, a iPhone/iPod touch/iPad stand-alone genealogy application, has received another major update. This one appears to be focused around mapping and location support as well as updates to the native iPad app. It includes some updates/additions for the iPad version (iPad support was … Read more

Upcoming Version of MobileFamilyTree for iPad

With the update to MacFamilyTree version 5.7.5( there is a very important mention of iPad-related news: * MobileFamilyTree Sync improved (Support for the upcoming MobileFamilyTree iPad Version) Obviously MobileFamilyTree currently works on the iPad in the upscaled/2x resolution, however this is a good sign that Synium Software will be supporting … Read more

Traces of the Past 1.0 Released for iPhone

There is a new genealogy-related App out for the iPhone / iPod touch / iPad, called Traces of the Past. It’s in the vein of Tree-to-Go or MobileTree. It differs from those two applications in that unlike Tree-to-Go it’s not limited to, and unlike MobileTree, it’s not confined … Read more

Genealogy Gems Podcast App 1.5.2

The iPhone/iPod touch/iPad app for Genealogy Gems Podcast has been updated to version 1.5.2. The app provides an easy way to access the Genealogy Gems Podcast (Your Family History Show) by Lisa Louise Cooke, along with additional content such as: * PDFs of tips and ideas from the show * … Read more