MobileFamilyTree 2.5.1 – Supports Multitasking, iOS 4

MobileFamilyTree Synium has updated their iPhone OS / iOS version of MacFamilyTree, MobileFamilyTree, with a few bugfixes as well as support for the upcoming iOS 4, aka Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0.

The major thing of interest is that MobileFamilyTree has added multi-tasking support. Apple’s iOS 4 will support multitasking apps if they are coded with support for it, which Syndium Software has done.

It was just a few weeks ago that they added native iPad support to MobileFamilyTree.

* Multitasking Support for iOS 4
* Several Bugfixes for iPad
* Stability Improvements

MobileFamilyTree at the Apple App Store ($4.99 USD)

(Requires that you own MacFamilyTree, version 5.7.5 or later)