GedView 2.14.1 – iOS 4, Multitasking

Earlier this month, the ability to import GEDCOM files from email attachments, as well as importing GEDCOM files through Safari from certain websites (RootsWeb,, FamilySearch) was added to GedView for iPad users.

With GedView 2.14.1 being updated for iOS 4, the ability to import GEDCOM files through the above means was added for iPhone/iPod Touches running iOS 4, and not just the iPad running iOS 3.2. Support for multitasking was also added.

* Bugfixes
* iOS 4 updates
* Multitasking Support
* Import/open GEDCOM files from email attachments and Safari and possibly other apps is now supported on all devices running iOS 4

GedView is currently available through Apple’s iTunes Music Store