Traces of the Past 1.1 – Major Improvements

Traces of the Past has received a major upgrade with version 1.1. Traces of the Past is a iOS genealogy app that came out a few months ago. With its original release, it was focused primarily on acting as a front-end for certain online genealogy databases and collections.

The developers state that this release helps increase productivity and improve record management, but it goes quite a bit further than that. Among the changes, it adds iOS 4 multitasking support as well as support for the higher resolution iPhone 4. It also improved the interaction with the FamilySearch archives.

Work is being done on version 2.0 of Traces of the Past that will enhance working with historical records.

* Resolved issue in version 1.1 that caused the app to crash when run under iOS 3.1.3 and earlier.
* Added ability to browse the list of collections in the FamilySearch archive, view additional information about each collection, and search for records within a specific collection.
* Added ability to post to Facebook information about records that you find.
* Added ability to filter records by ancestor name in your Folder and in Recents.
* Added ability to delete records from your Recents list.
* Added a record count to the Folder tab.
* Added iOS 4 multitasking support.
* Added high-resolution images for iPhone 4.
* iPhone 4 users can now view record images in double the resolution.
* Significant stability improvements.
* Improved memory management.

You can purchase Traces of the Past from Apple iTunes App Store for $3.99. It requires iPhone OS/iOS 3.0 or later.