Families 1.0 Released – For Legacy Family Tree

There is a new iOS / iPhone OS genealogy application in town, one that is paired up with a desktop application.

BUT! It’s not what you might think – a Mac OS X genealogy application such as MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree.

Instead, we are finally seeing some movement on the Windows side of things. This time it’s Families for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (Families at the App Store), and it’s paired with Legacy Family Tree genealogy software, a popular desktop Windows application. It’s from TelGen Limited, not Millenia Corp. (makers of Legacy) and I’m not sure if it’s officially sanctioned or not. It allows you to keep your Legacy files with you, without the need for a laptop, and you can edit them as well. You can also have multiple family files loaded and accessible. It’s apparently been tested with up to 300,000 individuals in a single database.

* Can load multiple family files as well as create new ones.
* Views include family and pedigree
* Searchable index
* To Do Lists
* Geolocation available, support for locations/addresses (Google Maps)
* Can add pictures from iPhone camera or photo album
* Supports both portrait and landscape modes/views
* Native/Universal support for the iPad (and probably iPhone 4)

* iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad w/iPhone OS 3.1 or iOS or later.
* It is English-only at this time.
* Windows sync program available at www.telgen.co.uk/families

* Families – TelGen Limited at Apple’s App Store (iTunes) for $14.99

Update: Families temporarily withdrawn from App Store
Update #2: Families 1.0.1 is available with a fix, along with some new features.

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  1. I want to buy an iPad but not until I can purchase your APP. I have Legacy and want to be able to access it from the Apple device. When will the bugs be out and I can purchase it?

    Anxiously awaiting!

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