Families 1.0.1

That didn’t take long. After being temporarily withdrawn from Apple’s App Store for a bug, Families is back, with several updates and fixes in Families version 1.0.1. Improvements made to the Families Sync program.

Famililes is an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iPhone OS or iOS 3.1 or later) genealogy application that was developed to work directly with Legacy Family Tree, a Windows genealogy application. It allows you to sync up your genealogy data from your Windows PC or laptop and carry it with you on your iPhone or iPad. You can study and even edit the information on the go, and then resync it back to your Legacy Family Tree installation.

* Fixed crash caused by very large RIN values
* Fixed navigation problem in Pedigree View on iPad
* Fixed problem with file transfer hanging with some devices
* Added alternative method for locating device in Families Sync
* Added support for Marriage Notes
* Added “Disable Resume” setting to force startup on Family Files View

* iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad w/iPhone OS 3.1 or iOS or later.
* Windows sync program available at www.telgen.co.uk/families

* Families – TelGen Limited at Apple’s App Store (iTunes) for $14.99