GedView 2.16

GedView version 2.16 is now available. Please note, there is no GedView version 2.15 that was publicly released – the last version released was GedView 2.14.2 which added some new GEDCOM importing options.

Speaking of GEDCOMs, GedView is a genealogy application for Apple’s iPhone OS/iOS devices that relies on importing GEDCOM files. It’s not tied to any particular desktop genealogy program.

This particular update adds a few things – mainly LDS-related data as well as refining a few areas of the app. It also adds an interesting feature – it’ll take advantage of multitasking under iOS 4 if your device supports it, when it updates the database.

* Support added for LDS Ordinances and Sealings. Includes selectable list of temples when entering data to quickly insert place/address/longitude+latitude/temple code.
* Support added for Ancestral File Number, view/edit/add/search.
* Support opening the user manual in other apps such as iBooks.
* Database updates when new versions are installed can now run in the background under iOS4 where multitasking is supported.
* All GEDCOM export methods now export a zip file.
* Bug fixes.

If you own GedView, you can update it through the App Store on your device. If you don’t own GedView, it’s available through Apple’s App Store

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