iWork and ePub, Assorted App Updates

Apple has released iWork 09 version 9.0.4. This is of interest to mobile genealogy fans as Pages version 4.0.4 can now export to the standard ePub file format. That means that iBooks users on iPhones, iPod touch, and iPad, as well as owners of Barnes & Noble’s nook, Sony’s Reader series, and Google Android users can now easily read documents created with Pages. Quite a few people use Pages/iWork for creating family newsletters and similar documents, and this increases the distribution choices.

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Amazon.com has updated their Kindle App to version 2.2.1. The Kindle App allows you to view electronic books (ebooks) purchased or downloaded through Amazon’s Kindle Store on your iPhone OS/iOS devices. We’ve highlighted some of the genealogy eBooks available through Kindle in the past.

* Improved highlight sensitivity to reduce inadvertent highlights when turning pages
* Fixed a crash some customers experience when highlighting a word
* Corrected a problem where the most recent page is not saved when returning to the app
* Other bug fixes based on customer feedback

You can download the Kindle App for free (iTunes)

Google has updated the Google Mobile App. Google Mobile App acts as a front-end for various Google services (Google Search, etc.), and it also interacts with other Google apps.

* Push notifications for Gmail and Calendar.

You can download Google Mobile App for free as well (iTunes).

Last, but not least, another major update to a free app. NASA has updated the NASA app. The NASA app features information revolving around NASA missions, information for astronomers looking to catch a glimpse of the International Space Station, NASA’s Image of the Day and the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

This has absolutely nothing to do with genealogy, but they’ve done something that I think is really cool, and being a fan, I had to mention it. Besides some fixes for iOS 4 users, they have added live streaming of the NASA TV public channel. Not everybody has access to their public channel, but if you have an iOS devices, now you do. They show quite a few interesting shows on there, as well as live streaming from orbit during various activities.

Download here: NASA App (iTunes)