GedStar Pro for Android Announced

In case you are a Palm user (or former Palm OS user) and have been wondering what happened to GedStar, wonder no more!

Rather than make the transition to webOS 2.0 and continue on HP/Palm hardware, GHCS Software has made the transition to Google’s Android platform.

This is a major deal for the Google Android platform as there hasn’t been much in the way of genealogy software for Android – a couple of family tree/GEDCOM browsers called AGeneDB and Family Bee. GedStar will be the first fully-featured genealogy app for the Android platform. According to the press release below, everything from the Palm version has been ported to the Android version.

There is a Windows/PC program that will allow you to take your genealogy data and information directly from The Master Genealogist or Legacy Family Tree (if you use either of those) and sync it up with GedStar Pro for Android.

Press Release and future enhancements:


GHCS Software of Rochester, Michigan, announces the release of the first version of GedStar Pro for Android smartphones. GedStar Pro was previously one of the most popular genealogy programs for “Palm Pilot” PDAs, and all of that product’s powerful data viewing capabilities have been ported to the new platform.

Working along with any genealogy program that runs on the user’s PC, GedStar Pro can import data not only from GEDCOM files, but also directly from the databases of “The Master Genealogist” and “Legacy Family Tree.” On the smartphone, it displays all of the user’s data, such as events, facts, sources, notes, and even photos.

Proprietor Doug Gordon says, “I’ve found that my Android smartphone can do everything that my old PDA used to do and then some, so it made perfect sense to port GedStar Pro to this powerful new platform and get my family history back into my pocket. We’ve got all the basics available right now and plan to keep adding features in the future.”

The GedStar Pro Android application is available free on the Android Market, which is accessible directly from your smartphone. The Windows portion of the product is available with a 28-day free trial period from the GHCS web site at As with the previous PDA product, updates will be available free of charge to registered users.

Contact with any inquiries about this product.

Planned future enhancements:
* Tree/Chart View (pedigree and descendants)
* To-do list and Research Log (Legacy and Master Genealogist).
* Text exhibits (Master Genealogist).
* Master lists for sources, repositories, and exhibits.
* Photo gallery.
* Relationship calculator.
* Soundex calculator.
* Bookmarking of important individuals.

I can’t stress enough how major this is for the Android platform. This is one of those “wow, about time” kinds of things.

If you are a Legacy Family Tree software user (Windows) this is a really big deal. Between GedStar Pro for Android and Families you can take your genealogy data with you on either a Google Android mobile phone or on an Apple iPhone.

Website and screenshots:

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  1. Families is currently in beta for the Android operating system. It will allow direct syncing between Legacy Family Tree and your Android device as well as editing of that data on your Android device. I too used GEDStar Pro on my Palm device, but changed to Families when I bought an iPhone, as the author of GEDStar Pro said he was retiring and would not port to another O’S. I like Families far better than any of the simple GEDcom display programs like GEDStar Pro.

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