February 2012 Update #2

Last week I said there would be some downtime as I do some upgrades to the website, as well as some design changes and updates – fixing broken links, outdated information, etc. I’m slightly behind – work I was doing on another website slowed me down.

If you want an idea of what it’s going to resemble (albeit different color scheme), you can check out

The good news is the “Behind the scenes work” is finished. I also have Google Android devices so I can finally get into the Google Android genealogy scene. I’ll be doing a lot more coverage of iOS software as well.

Now I just have a few things left:
* Updated theme
* Truly mobile version theme for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users
* Updating all of the outdated information, as well as adding dozens of apps, and a lot of podcasts

Just to give you an idea of the devices I have access to:
* iPhone 4 (still on iOS 4.x, for testing purposes)
* iPad (iOS 5.x)
* Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 with Google Android 3.2 (Honeycomb)
* Another smaller Android device on the way
* Amazon Kindle 3G

I really want to pick up a Kindle Fire, but I can’t really justify it. I’ve held off on an Android device for a while, because I didn’t like the market fragmentation and OS fragmentation, didn’t like that some companies were slapping their own UI and software on their devices, and for a few other reasons. A Motorola executive even blamed Google (GottaBeMobile), saying that it was difficult for manufacturers to keep up with the latest Android OS releases because of Google’s practices.

Even though I lean towards the Apple ecosystem, I’m not tied to it – I’ve always tried to stay relatively platform neutral, especially for genealogy reasons. I share information with other members of my family, and it’s a wide range of OSes and applications that they use.

I broke down and picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7-inch device, because I already have a 10-inch device with the iPad, and I have an iPhone. I really wanted an in-between device with good specifications. It was also important that Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, be available for it, which is another reason why I waited.

Anyways, I’m hoping to have the site work wrapped up later this weekend, and if you see anything weird, you may need to refresh your browser once or twice.

Mobile users will finally have a truly mobile version of as well.