Galaxy Nexus as a Genealogy Platform

Keep in mind that the article doesn’t delve into specific genealogy apps on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android – that’s for a later article according to the author, but A. O’Brien is documenting their progress in buying and using a Galaxy Nexus as their mobile genealogy platform.

The reasons given for their purchase:

Due mainly to the great reviews many genealogy bloggers have given their own Samsung Galaxy products, my smartphone of choice was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Official Galaxy Nexus web site includes great information, images and videos giving details of Features and Tech Specifications.

As I said, they didn’t get into specific genealogy apps for their Android phone, but they are looking for suggestions – use the link below if you have questions or suggestions for them. They did mention the positive things that do benefit genealogists regardless of what phone or Android tablet you pick up: data connection/transfers are fast, GPS worked well, Wi-Fi worked well, and access to gmail, the web, Google Reader, Google+, etc. worked well.

When they post their next article about specific genealogy apps, I’ll be sure to mention it.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be talking a LOT more about Android and genealogy.

Full Article: Australian Genealogy Journeys – Getting to know the Galaxy Nexus

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