Families 1.5 for iOS

Families is an application for both iOS (Universal) and Android (Families for Android is still at Families 1.4.1) that is developed by TelGen Limited to allow users of the Windows/PC genealogy software Legacy Family Tree to carry their genealogy data with them.

Families 1.5.0 for iOS is a major upgrade – it now supports iOS 5.1, added some interface and calculation improvements, and sees a redesign of the search option as well as adding the ability to search by location.

Note: Families supports Legacy Family Tree 6 and Legacy Family Tree 7. If you are using other genealogy software, you will NOT be able to use Families.

Families supports multiple family files, the creation of new family files, multiple views (Family, Pedigree, Descendant, Timeline), a full index, To Do Lists, support for Google Maps (locations/addressions), multimedia (photos, including the use of the device’s camera). It supports both portrait and landscape. Being Universal, it supports the iPad’s full display (although no word on the new iPad).

Changes in Families 1.5.0
– Support iOS 5.1
– Improve efficiency of relationship calculation
– redesign search options and add search by location
– support tags for individual and marriage
– add settings option for maximum descendant generations
– allow selection of alternative parents in Pedigree View
– bug fixes

Download Families for iOS
Families – App Store (USA) – $14.99
Families – App Store (Canada) – $14.99
Families – App Store (United Kingdom/UK) – £10.49
Families – App Store (Australia) – $15.99
Families – App Store (New Zealand) – $18.99
Families – App Store (Germany) – 11,99 €
Families – App Store (France) – 11,99 €
Families – App Store (Sweden) – 109,00kr
Families – App Store (Italy) – 11,99 €

– iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
– iOS 3.1 or later (possibly iOS 3.2)

You will need to download a PC program, Families Sync, from www.telgen.co.uk/families, which runs on your PC/Windows install (or VM software if you’re a Mac user) that allows you to transfer your Legacy Family Tree information over to your iOS device using Wi-Fi. You can also use iTunes File Sharing, but will need to have an iOS device running iOS 3.2 or later.