Google Earth 6.2.0 for iOS and Android

Google’s free Google Earth for both iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) and Android devices has been updated to Google Earth 6.2.0 and it’s a major update. I know a lot of genealogists use it as a supplement (or even replacement in some cases) to Google Maps.

The Android update was released last week, the iOS version this week, and both are very similar when it comes to the updated and new features (and fixes).

Google Earth 6.2.0 for Android
* Earth Gallery: Explore a curated list of layers, such as real time flights, earthquake, and city tours.
* Touring: load tours from the Gallery or inside balloons.
* Share your current view through Google+ or other social applications.
* New Zoom around and pinch gesture.
* Stability and performance improvements

Android Requirements
– Android 2.1 and up
– Download: Google Earth at Google Play

Google Earth 6.2.0 for iOS
* Earth Gallery: explore a curated list of maps, such as real-time earthquakes, hiking trails, and city tours
* Launch Earth with KML/KMZ file links on web pages
* Touring support: load tours from the Earth Gallery or from mountain layer
* Zoom now centers on gesture rather than center of screen
* Automatic tilt of view when zooming
* Improved Panoramio photo experience
* Stability and performance improvements

iOS Requirements:
– iOS 3.0 or later
– iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

Download: Google Earth – Google, Inc. – Apple iTunes Store