MyHeritage App – 500,000 Downloads (Android / iOS)

Earlier today on Twitter, MyHeritage announced that their MyHeritage mobile app has now reached 500,000 downloads.

The MyHeritage app is an app that allows you to take your family tree with you on your iOS or Android-powered devices and keep it sycnchronized with your family’s website on

MyHeritage is a social network-oriented genealogy service, and the MyHeritage app fits right into it, complete with the ability to take and share photos with your mobile device, as well as upload those photos to MyHeritage is also the parent company of Family Tree Builder.

The current software versions are MyHeritage 1.1 for iOS and MyHeritage 1.1.4 for Android. Both were updated back in January, with bug fixes and performance improvements, and the availability of over 20 different languages for the two apps.

MyHeritage for iOS Requirements:
– iOS 4.1
– iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch

MyHeritage iOS Download: MyHeritage – (Apple iTunes Store)

MyHeritage for Android Requirements
– Android 2.2 and up.

MyHeritage Android Download: MyHeritage on Google Play (Android Apps)

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  1. Will MyHeritage on an android tablet import a gedcom, interface with The Master Genealogist or Family Tree Maker?

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