Heredis for iOS – Looking for Beta Testers

In addition to a brand-new version of Heredis for Mac (Mac Genealogy Software), Heredis is also developing a mobile/iOS version, running on iPhones and iPads.

They are looking for beta testers, according to their latest newsletter (French):

Heredis calls for volunteers to test versions of iPhone and iPad….

That’s it. The info is official. I can already hear the cries!! Of “Ahhhh! “The” Ohhhh! “The” Yay! “And even” It’s about time! “.

Heredis is proposing a version of its software on iPhone and iPad. We will not say anymore for now, so that the suspense continues until the official release that is scheduled for later in 2012!

So if you have an iPhone (iPhone 3G minimum) or iPad (or know someone who has and who does not necessarily participate in genealogy), if you want to go on an exciting adventure and if you want to discover a preview of what will be Heredis iOS, I invite you to send me your nominations by email to audrey.cavalier (at) mentioning the following information:

– Name
– Email address
– Specifications of your test tool
– Your motivation

Unfortunately, we can not accept all applications, as a beta test is limited to meet with a representative sample of the population of genealogists.

You will see, the genealogy will change.

The minimum specifications are an iPad, or an iPhone 3G. I’m not sure about iPod touches, or what the minimum iOS version is.

via: Mac Genealogy Software