Tree to Go

Name: Tree to Go (aka TreetoGo)
Developer: (
Type: Front-end for, genealogy application, multimedia management
Last Updated: Version 1.1.1 (August 3, 2010) – see version history below

Developer’s Description:
Wherever your travels take you, you can take your tree along. Our new Tree to Go iPhone app lets you access generations of family history and add facts, photos and other historical anecdotes at every turn. Nothing can replace the depth of information and records you can find on That’s why we’ve streamlined our iPhone app to make it simple and speedy to use on the go, and optimized it for family trees with fewer than 2,000 people. It’s all about your tree: uploading photos, adding ancestors, correcting dates, including notes. Then when you log in to your account from your computer, all your new information is right there for you to see.

Mobile Genealogy’s Description:
Our take is that it’s a unique front-end to an account. Given how many people have an account, this should prove quite popular. It does look like you can download your genealogy information and take it with you, without necessarily having to be connected the entire time or even having a decent connection. The photo management feature is unique – being able to take pictures and add them to your tree/information, as is being able to add people while you’re on the go. Obviously there is some syncing going on since what you do on your iPhone/iPod Touch is uploaded to (see links at the bottom of this page about that). This is one application we’ll be looking at more closely in the future.

As of the version 1.0.2 release, you can now create family trees directly within the app.

Platform: iPhone OS / iPod Touch
Software Requirements: iPhone OS 3.0 or later (Also account)
Hardware Requirements: iPhone or iPod Touch with iPhone OS 3.0 or later, at least 1.4 MB space for application (more for your family tree)
Languages Supported: English
GEDCOM Support: Sort of (through

Cost: Free (well you need an account)
Link to App Store:

Apple iTunes Store:
* Version 1.0.1 : 2.5 out of 5 (2577 ratings)
* All-time : 2.5 out of 5 (3899 ratings)

Current Version: Tree-To-Go Version 1.1.1 (August 3, 2010)
Version 1.1 (July 13, 2010)
Version 1.0.2 (April 2, 2010)
First released: January 19, 2010 (version 1.0)
Other Releases:Version 1.0.1 (Feb 5, 2010)

Version 1.0.1
* 1st generation iPod Touch users can now install Tree to Go
* Fixed a problem with the display of photos in a tree
* Fixed the most common situation that would cause a crash on startup
* Fixed an issue that could cause a crash while loading a tree
* Clarified messaging that registering for an account is free
* Improved messaging for users with trees larger than 2,000 people

Misc. Notes:
– No idea on accessing information
– Need an account
– It’s a front-end to, although it allows you to download and store some information locally, there are some limitations (see links below)
– It’s free
– Without an account, it’s useless.
– Can use the iPhone’s camera to take photos and upload them directly to

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