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Articles about Genealogy and Mobile Computing

Aug 2005: Mobile Genealogy for Your Handheld Computer – Richard Eastman – Good article about Illya D’Addezio’s WAP-enabled genealogy site, as well as genealogy on handhelds in general. From Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter.
Aug 2005:
Reading RSS/Newsfeeds on a Handheld computer – Richard Eastman
. Article about reading RSS Newsfeeds on handheld computers (both Palm and PocketPC/WM).

May 2004: Putting GrandPa in your Pocket – Using PDAs in Genealogy – Handout/lecture from Betty Jo Stockton (Central Florida Genealogical Society).

October 2003: Handy Work – Family Tree Magazine/Nancy Hendrickson. This is the opening to a fairly comprehensive article – you’ll have to obtain the Oct 2003 issue of Family Tree Magazine.
Jun 2003: RootsWorks: PDA 2003 – Genealogy Software – Beau Sharbrough – rundown of PDA genealogy software from 2003.
Jan 2003: Genealogy on the Go by Eli Bensky – A discussion/review of the various genealogy applications available for PDAs (Palms in this case).

Jul 2002: Laboratory of Life: Do I Need a PDA? – Mike Dickson (
Jun 2002: Can You Have It All
in One Palm OS Handheld Database?
– Janet Brigham Rands. It’s actually a review of GedStar and My Roots in comparison to PAF for Palm, however it touches on what’s needed in mobile-oriented genealogy in general.

March 2002: Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Users Group – Even though it’s a review of PAF for Palm, it gives a good rundown of the pros and cons of using a PDA in your genealogy research.
Feb 2002: RootsWorks: PDA 2001 – Genealogy Software – Beau Sharbrough – Article about available PDA genealogy software from 2001/2002.

Apr 2001
RootsWorks PDA2001 Genealogy Software Comparison – – Beau Sharbrough – chart of genealogy software from 2001.

Jul 2000: All My Ancestors are in the Palm of my Hand – Gary B. Hoffman (
May/Jun 2000: Pint-Sized Pedigrees – Palm Pilots for Genealogy – Mark Howells

7 Aug 1999:A Tombstone in Your Pocket by Steve Paul Johnson – Great article about using a PDA to record tombstone information. The software used was JFile Pro, a database application for Palm PDAs.

PDAs Again by Nancy Hendrickson, another article about PDAs in genealogy.
Palm Information in French (

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