Palm: Palm TX

Now, Palm has also introduced a new Palm OS handheld, the Palm TX, which looks to be a good fit for many genealogists that prefer using Palm OS. also has a review of it.

The Ultimate in Handheld Genealogy?

A friend emailed me about an interesting alternative to PDAs for genealogy that’s been around for a while – the model 01+ from oqo. This is a fully functioning Windows XP computer that is small (probably the smallest that has a built-in keyboard). For some genealogists, having all of the tools they normally work in this small of a package would be interesting.

GPS Guides

Jake at wrote two guides to using GPS hardware and software that you might find interesting. It’s tilted heavily towards Pocket PC/Windows Mobile, but still has more than enough information for anybody curious about using GPS in general. Might be handy to know if your curious about plotting locations … Read more