Palm LifeDrive Review

There is a new review of the Palm LifeDrive over at It was written by Brandon King, and he rates it a 7.5 out of 10. This Palm device could be for you if you happen to need a PDA and a media manager (photos, etc.), however they weren’t happy with battery and hard drive performance (it does have the most capacity out of all of the Palm devices though).

FileMaker Mobile 8

FileMaker Mobile 8 is now shipping. If you use FileMaker 8 to store your genealogy information and research notes, this maybe of interest to you. Among the new features – expanded workgroup support. The Starter Solutions has been expanded as well.

GedWise Updates (Windows 6.2, Mac 6.3.3, Linux 6.3.3)

Battery Park Software has updated their Mac OS X and Linux installer for GedWise, their PalmOS-based genealogy application. This brings GedWise for Mac OS X and Linux up to version 6.3.3.

They have also updated their Windows installer to version 6.2

The update can be downloaded here –

GedStar Pro 3.1b

GedStar Pro, a PalmOS genealogy application, received a minor update to version 3.1b to correct a bug in version 3.1a that could crash a program when searching for individuals by user-defined reference IDs.