GedStar Pro 3.1a

GedStar Pro, a PalmOS genealogy application, was updated to version 3.1a.

NOTE: This update is only recommended if the following new features are applicable to you:
* Full support for the one-handed navigation feature of Treoâ„¢ smartphones and the latest handhelds (specifically the T5 and T|X models).
* Support for displaying and searching for user-defined reference IDs as supported by specific genealogy programs.

You can download the Windows-based installer here.

Palm Treo 650 vs 700 Phones

PC World has a rundown on the differences between the Palm Treo 650 and 700 phones, which are PDA/Phone hybrids from Palm. The 650 runs Palm OS, and the 700 runs Windows Mobile 5.0. I haven’t seen anything to indicate that the 700 is a stripped down Windows Mobile device – i.e. like many of the Smartphones that can’t run all Windows Mobile software (including genealogy software). It definitely looks like the 700 is a full Windows Mobile 5.0 device that looks like it can run genealogy software, but I’m not 100% sure just yet. The 650 can run Palm OS genealogy software (not sure of any limitations).

One important difference, the 650 has a 360×360 screen, whereas the 700 has a 240×240 screen. On the other hand, the 700 has 128MB of built-in memory, while the 650 has 32MB, and the 700 is faster. The 700 also has a 1.3MP digital camera, while the 650 is a much lower resolution.

Treo Mobile has extensive coverage of both of these phones.

The Treos could be a good compromise for genealogists who want a mobile device, but are afraid they won’t use it much, or that it will be “just one more thing” to carry along – using them as both phones and PDAs can be handy.

LAPTOP Magazine Reviews the Palm T|X

If you are leaning towards the PalmOS platform, LAPTOP Magazine has a new review of the Palm T|X, and they gave it 4 out of 5 stars: Multimedia is really a value-add in this reasonably priced PDA. Nevertheless, Palm has succeeded in giving us a powerful yet very portable handheld that won’t break the bank.

GedStar Pro 3.1 Final

Last week week, version 3.1 of GedStar Pro, a PalmOS genealogy application, was released. This followed the 3.1 beta releases in November/early December. Some of the fixes listed in the Beta versions but not listed below included fixes for Legacy users, and issues with non-standard GEDCOM formats.


HEREDIS Mac X.2, a Mac OS X genealogy application, has been released.

One of the new features that maybe of interest to PDA genealogy users – you can export your individuals from your database to your Address Book, as well as events involving your ancestors to iCal, both of which you can then sync to your PDA (Palm using iSync, or Windows Mobile/Pocket PC using the various 3rd party sync programs.