Family Bee – Genealogy Software for Google Android

Name: Family Bee
Developer: Beekeeper Labs (website)
Type: Family Tree Browser
Last Updated: April, 2010 (Version 1.03)

Developer’s Description:
Family Bee lets you store an unlimited number of trees; supports fast searches over the individuals in the trees; and provides specialized views of families, individuals, “pedigree” trees, and descendents. All facts, events, notes, and sources are at your fingertips.

Platform: Google Android
Software Requirements: android.permission.INTERNET
Hardware Requirements: GEDCOM file stored on Secure Digital (SD) card
Languages Supported: English
GEDCOM Support: Yes, Full 5.5 support, including ANSEL, ASCII, UTF-8, and UNICODE

Cost: $10
Links to Download:
– Package Name:
– market://search?

Current Version as of April 2010: Version 1.03
– Fixed problem with empty CONT lines in some fact/event structures
Version 1.01 (Dec 2009)
– Fixed problem with reading notes in some GEDCOMs
– Better handling/warning for missing SD Card
Version 0.62 (Nov 2009) (beta)
Verison 0.6 (Nov 2009) (beta)
Version 0.5 (Oct 2009) (beta)

Misc. Notes:
– Reliably supports GEDCOM files up to 12 MB in size (approximately 32,000 names/entries) – some have reported up to 20MB GEDCOM files
– Supports unlimited number of family trees
– Does not create family trees
– Can load/import family trees directly from the web (may have problems with downloading GEDCOM files from
– Trees can be mailed to your phone with a .GED or .ged attachemtn and can be loaded through the preview function
– Can also load/import trees through USB cable/storage.

Other Useful Links:
Online Documentation
GEDCom Upload to E-Mail – provided by Beekeeper Labs, will encode a local GEDCOM as an attached to be emailed to your phone.

– 3.85 out of 5 – (6 ratings)
– 3.83 out of 5 – Android Zoom (6 ratings)

Gallery: (Images from developer)