FGS – Federation of Genealogical Studies

Name: FGS – Federation of Genealogical Studies
Last Updated: Version (October 4, 2011)
Type: Social Networking application
Cost: Free
Requires: Windows Phone 7 and above
Publisher/Developer: A.C. Ivory
Size: Less than 1 MB
Language(s): English

via Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace (screenshot reduced by @ 50%)
The Federation of Genealogical Studies (FGS link) is an organization that is composed of genealogy-related societies, and that is dedicated to linking those societies together. FGS is over 35 years old, and provides the FORUM magazine and resources to help manage genealogical societies. FGS also holds an anual 4-day conference.

The FGS app also provides information about content/articles from Voice.FGS.org.

Windows Phone Marketplace: Download/Install FGS

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