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Genealogy Gems Podcast App (website)
Note: This is an actual App for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch that gives you an easy and neat way to access the Genealogy Gems Podcast shows. It costs $2.99 through Apple’s iTunes/App Store.
* PDF Documents of tips and ideas from the show
* Genealogy Gems Wallpaper
* Bonus audio and video content
* Ability to follow the show on Twitter
* Call-in audio comment feature (iPhone only)

Keep in mind that the regular podcast is free to listen to – this is an add-on App for iPhone/iPad users.

Genealogy Gems Podcast App at iTunes Store:

Last updated: May 4, 2010 (Version 1.5.2)

Genealogy Gems Podcast App (website)
Summary: Genealogy Gems Podcast shows you, the family historian, how to make the most out of your family history research time by providing quick and easy to use research techniques. In addition, you will learn creative ways to share your family tree and the legacy of your ancestors.

Available through: iTunes Store or through the Genealogy Gems Podcast website

Family History: Genealogy Made Easy
Family History: Genealogy Made Easy
by Lisa Louise Cookie
Latest podcast:
Summary:In each weekly 30 minute show host Lisa Louise Cooke will guide you through the genealogy search process in this easy to follow and entertaining podcast.”
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Note: This has been replaced by the Genealogy Gems Podcast listed above, but the content is still available.

Family History: Genealogy Made Easy
The Genealogy guys Podcast
George G. Morgan and Drew Smith
Latest podcast:
Summary:George G. Morgan and Drew Smith discuss genealogy. This is the oldest regularly produced genealogy podcast in the world.”
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