Other Genealogy Software & Mobile Platforms

Palm OS and Palm WebOS
– For now, it appears that Palm WebOS users will have to use older Palm OS software, through MotionApps Classic on Pre (MotionApps.com).
– If you come across any native genealogy software or applications for Palm’s WebOS mobile phone platform, please contact us.
– Our list of Palm / PalmOS Genealogy Software

– Same as with Palm WebOS – If you come across any genealogy software or applications for the BlackBerry mobile platform from RIM, please contact us.

Symbian OS:
StyleTap (StyleTap.com) has a “classic” Palm OS for Windows Mobile and Symbian OS smartphones that might just allow you to use some of the above-mentioned Palm OS genealogy software. It’s not the best solution, but it might work for some. It’s $49.95 for the full version and supports the following Symbian OS versions: S60 3rd Edition, S60 5th Edition, UIQ 3.0

Genealogy Software for Older Handhelds
Newton – Relations
Qtopia/Linux – FamilyTree
PSION – Gen5
Revo – Gen5