October 2010 Note: Gedstar Pro for Android Note: This application was formerly known as GedPalm

Name: GedStar Developer: GHCS Software

Developer’s Description:

    GedStar from GHCS Software is the premier solution for having your genealogy data with you at all times — right in the palm of your hand! Whether you are in a library, on a research trip, or just at a family gathering, all of your most important facts are just a few taps away.

    GedStar works closely with your PC-based genealogy program, and is fully compatible with any program that can export data in the standard “GEDCOM” file format.

Cost: $13.95 (Pro $24.95) Demo: Download here (
GEDCOM Support: Yes Hi-Res Support: Yes
Current Version: 5.2a Last Updated: 31 Jan 2004 (5.2)

Last Updates:

    This update (v5.2a) is for users of recent model Sony Clié devices, such as the TH55, whose Jog-dial™ is not working. Download the update file (zip format), unzip the new version of GedStar.prc, and install it on your device. The Jog-dial™ should start working, as well as the left/right buttons if you have them.
    Note: GedStar supports the hi-res screens on the newest Tungsten-T3, Sony Clie, and Garmin iQue devices, including the expanded 320×480 screen size. The 5-way and Jog-Dial controls on these devices are also supported.

OS Required: Palm OS v3.1 or later. PalmOS 2.0 users can download GedStar 4.3 which shares many features with v5.x

Hardware Required: Any device that supports Palm OS v3.1 or later

Space Required: ??? Memory Card Support: ???

Languages Supported: ???
Limitations: Number of people in database limited only by memory. Can store data on memory cards.
Discussion Forums/Mailing List:


List or Database View

Individual View

Ancestor View

Descendent View

Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Grouplink4.3Jun 2002Positive – Dick Eastmanlink4.0Apr 2001Positive

Other products by the same developer or compatible with this software

    A free, fully-working, custom built version with no “nag” screens is available with new Upgrade orders, and new Deluxe & Premium edition orders of Family Tree Legends.

    GHCS Software also develops an expanded version of GedStar – GedStar-Plus
    GedStar Pro can read data directly from The Master Genealogist.

Compatibility Issues

    Some Tungsten T3 devices do not have support for 3rd-party applications to make use of the expanded screen features. If GedStar or GedStar-Plus V5.2 cannot be expanded to the full screen size, you may need to install some additional software on your device. These routines are provided and supported by PalmOne, Inc. Make sure to install both of the PRC files included in this archive.
    Tungsten T3 Compatibility Modules (.zip format)

?? ?? ?? – version 5.2a

    * Fixed Jog-dial™ issues involving recent model Sony Clié devices

?? ?? ?? – version 5.2

    * Added hi-res support, including the expanded 320×480 screen size. *5-way and Jog-Dial controls also supported.

12 Aug 2001 – version 4.1

    * Support for databases on removable memory cards on devices that have PalmOS VFS support (e.g., Palm M500 and M505). * Trial version is now fully functional (no “crippleware”).

Other Features Listed by the Manufacturer

    * Fastest converter! Fastest download! Fastest startup!
    * Multiple databases with quick switching.
    * Databases with 10’s of thousands of individuals.
    * Databases can be stored in local memory or on a removable memory card.
    * No performance penalty for large databases or card-resident databases.
    * Quick lookup field on main list screen.
    * Search by name, Soundex, REFN tag, or direct index.
    * Support for source information.
    * HotSync conduit that can automatically update your device when data changes.
    * Does not require the use of a conduit for downloading databases.
    * Export to a Memo Pad record to assist in taking notes in the field.
    * Unlimited length names, places, dates, and notes. No data is truncated.
    * Powerful data searching using PalmOS “Find” command.
    * Built-in Soundex calculator, relationship calculator, and “on this day” lookup.
    * Tungsten 5-way navigation control and Sony Jog Dial support.
    * Safe to use; avoids the complexity and danger of merging changes into your master database.