PalmOS GedWise Note: GedWise was formerly known as GedVisor

Name: GedWise Developer: Battery Park Software

Developer’s Description:

    When you are ready to get serious about your genealogy research, you should get GedWise 6.1. GedWise is the fastest and easiest way to carry your entire your genealogy database with you on any handheld device running the Palm OS.
Cost: $19.99 (Upgrade from pre-6.0 version for $6.99) Demo: Download here (
GEDCOM Support: Yes Hi-Res Support: Yes
Current Version: 6.1 (6.3 Linux, Mac OS X Beta) Last Updated: 28 May 2005 (20 Nov 2005 beta)

Last Updates:

    Version 6.3 beta for Linux and Mac OS X – No Release Notes.
    Version 6.1
    * Fixed: the 2nd (bottom) person in the Relationship Calculator now saved after exiting GedWise.
    * Improved: Easier to enter an ‘x’ character when finding a person in the Individual List Screen.
    * Improved: 5-Way navigator support for Treo and latest Tungsten devices.

OS Required: Palm OS v3.3 or later.

Hardware Required: Any device that supports Palm OS v3.3 or later

Space Required: ??? Memory Card Support: ???

Languages Supported: ???
Limitations: GedWise’s usage is limited to viewing your genealogy data on a handheld device. You cannot input data into your genealogy database through your handheld device. All data entry must be done through your PC-based genealogy software. GedWise does offer a Memo Export feature that automatically transfers birth, marriage and death data for a selected individual to a Palm Memo that you can then edit and add to.

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11 Aug 2005

    * GedWise versin 6.3 beta for Linux released.
    * No release notes.

Full release history here (Developer – Battery Park Software)

Other Features Listed by the Manufacturer

    * All GEDCOM supported Event and Individual Attribute tags, including LDS Ordinance tags. You can also have multiple entries of event/attribute tags (i.e. primary and non-primary data). For example, if you have recorded multiple births, deaths, occupations, etc. for an individual, the GedWise database will include all of them.

    * Multiple name variations (aliases). You can even view a list of all alias names for a selected individual.

    * All citation, source, source-repository citation, and repository information.

    * All note text data. GedWise supports multiple notes for each individual, as well as a separate note for every data item, including every name, alias, event, family structure record, child-to-family link, citation, source-repository citation, and repository.

    * All family data for each individual, including all spouses, children and family events.

    * Up to 65,000 individuals with unlimited events, notes, citations, sources and repositories.

    * Up to 100 GedWise databases can be stored on your handheld device at a time.

    * Ancestry and Descendancy Charts.

    * Relationship Calculator and Date Calculator utilities.

    * “On This Day” tool that lists all primary birth, marriage and death events that occurred on the current day and month. You can also select a different day and month to search.

    * A built-in Soundex code tool. Enter a surname and GedWise will provide the Soundex code.

    * A Place Search function for finding a place name in primary birth, marriage and death events.

    * A Memo Export feature that lets you easily take notes on the road.

    * Support for Expansion Card enabled devices.

    * ANSEL character set support.

    * An outstanding user interface (the GedWise Viewer) that organizes your genealogy data in a way that makes sense and allows you to access the information you need quickly. Anyone who does genealogy research will greatly appreciate this feature.

    * A highly compacted database. GedWise compacts your genealogy data very efficiently on your handheld device in order to minimize the size of your database without compromising speed.