My Roots (Palm)

Name: My Roots Developer: Tapperware

Developer’s Description:

    My Roots is the most powerful genealogy application available for Palm OS® handhelds. It lets you take your genealogy data with you wherever you go. Since handheld computers can fit in your shirt pocket or purse, they are much more convenient than a laptop or a 3-ring binder. With My Roots, you can stay organized and work more efficiently whether you’re at a courthouse, library, or family reunion.

    My Roots comes with a free conversion utility ( – Windows or Macintosh) for importing data from GED files created by all the best-selling desktop genealogy applications including Family Tree Maker, Legacy, PAF, and Reunion (see the Cost: $24.95 Demo: Download here ( GEDCOM Support: Yes Hi-Res Support: Yes Current Version: 4.05 Last Updated: 24 May 2005

    Last Updates:

      * Support has been added for storing databases on the Internal Drive of the PalmOne T5
      * Several minor bug fixes – all users should install this version

    OS Required: Palm OS v3.0 or later. Older versions of ‘My Roots’ can be found here at Tapperware Downloads

    Hardware Required: Hardware that supports Palm OS v3.0 or later.

      Tungsten T3 owners: In order to take advantage of the T3’s ability to minimize, maximize, or rotate the display, you must install two additional .prc files. For details, please see the T3 Compatibility page (
    Space Required: ??? Memory Card Support: ???

    Languages Supported: English, French, German
    Limitations:My Roots Conversion Utility is set up to import at most 10,000 people (unregistered/demo creates only 20 people and imports only 50 records)
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    List or Database View

    Individual View

    Ancestor View

    Descendent View

    Website/MagazineLinkVersionDateSummary – User ReviewslinkVariedVariedPositive – User ReviewslinkVariedVariedPositive
    HAL-PC User Group – Eli Benskylinkpre-4.0Jan 2003Positive – Dick Eastmanlink2.0125 July 2002Positive – Dick Eastmanlink???Oct 2000Positive

    Other products by the same developer or compatible with this software

      They also produce a PocketPC Version of My Roots (one of the few companies to produce dual versions).’s product page on it can be found here
      (virtually identical to this page, with the exception of the Palm/PPC differences).
      There is also a Macintosh version of the PC-side software, consider it to be indentical to the PC versions. If you need help using it, in addition to checking here,
      you might check out – a genealogy site geared towards Macintosh users.

    Compatibility Issues

      Notes on exporting from various genealogy applications to ‘My Roots’ – located here (

      Windows Software
      * DisGen – INDI tags interspersed with FAM tags
      * GSP (Global Software Publishing) Family Tree – CHIL tags sometimes come before HUSB or WIFE tags
      Macintosh Software
      * MacFamilyTree – Cannot export to a GED file using the ANSEL Character Set
      * SeeGEDCOMX – INDI tags interspersed with FAM tags

      Note: Newer versions of the above products may have fixed these problems. This has not been verified (but if you do verify it, drop us a line).

      I run the My Roots Conversion Utility to import a GED file on my Mac, and it seems to work correctly. But when I install the .pdb files that were created using The Missing Sync, they don’t work correctly in My Roots. What can I do?
      “This is due to a bug in version 4 of The Missing Sync for Palm OS. The problem has been fixed, so if you’re using The Missing Sync, make sure to upgrade to version 4.0.1 or later.”

    24 May 2005 – version 4.05

      * Support has been added for storing databases on the Internal Drive of the PalmOne T5
      * Several minor bug fixes – all users should install this version

    23 Jan 2005 – version 4.03

      * DIA support has been added for the PalmOne T5 and Treo 650 devices
      * Enhanced one-handed navigation support

    3 Dec 2004

      DIA support has been added for Garmin and Tapwave devices

    10 Oct 2004 – version 4.01

      * Bug Fixes – all users should install this version.

    17 Sep 2004 – version 4.00 – Major Release

      * Support for Sources and Source Citations
      * Graphical Relationship Calculator
      * Unlimited number of notes up to 32k each for each person, event, or fact
      * Significant speed improvements
      * New Filtering options
      * Dynamic Input Area support for all PalmOne and Sony devices
      * More convenient Soundex support

    26 Apr 2002 – version 2.01


    Other Features Listed by the Manufacturer

      PC and Macintosh Support
      My Roots comes with a free conversion utility for importing data from a GED file and exporting data to a GED file. There is a PC version, and for Macintosh, both an OS 8/9 version and a native OS X version.

      Easy Navigation
      When looking at a person’s detailed information, you can switch to the person’s father, mother, or children in one tap. You can switch to a sibling in two taps, and it requires only one tap to edit an event or fact.

      Family Group Sheet
      The family group sheet screen displays all relevant family information in one place, including family events, children, and multiple spouses. You can move up or down the family tree in a single tap.

      Ancestor and Descendant Trees
      My Roots can display a 4-generation ancestor or descendant tree for any individual. The tree can be re-displayed for any other person in a single tap. You can also switch between ancestor and descendant trees in one tap.

      Relationship Calculator
      My Roots provides a graphical relationship calculator for finding relationships between blood-relatives. In addition to a textual description of the relationship (e.g., “1st Cousins twice removed”), it also shows you the people through which they are related.

      You can display a subset of your data by creating up to three simultaneous filters. For example, you could set one filter to be “surname is Jones”, another to be “birth year before 1900”, and a third to be “birth location contains Ohio”. Only people that meet all three criteria will be displayed until you cancel the filters.

      You can sort the List of People by name, date of birth, or date of death.

      Find Function
      Using the built-in Find function, you can quickly locate an individual even in a very large database.

      Multiple Databases
      My Roots allows you to create multiple databases. This lets you divide up your data in whatever way makes sense for you.

      When editing a person’s name, the corresponding Soundex code is automatically displayed.

      Device Compatibility
      My Roots works on any handheld running Palm OS® 3 or later, and supports both monochrome and color displays. You can run My Roots from main memory or from an expansion card, and databases can also be stored on Internal Drives and expansion cards. My Roots provides support for minimizing, maximizing, and rotating the display on handhelds running Palm OS® 5, such as the PalmOne Tungsten T3 and T5 and the Sony UX-50.