PDA Friendly Sites

PDA Friendly Websites & RSs Feeds

Mobile Genealogy Information (daddezio.com) – Illya D’Addezio’s compendium of genealogy databases, articles, and news, in WAP format. If you only access one genealogy site on your handheld PDA or mobile phone, this is the one.
MobileGenealogy.com has done a brief overview of this site here (image heavy).

genwap.com – A PDA/Smartphone-friendly mirror of the software news from this site, MobileGenealogy.com. It maybe expanded to contain some information about genealogy software for PDAs (obviously not too much, as that goes against the whole PDA/Smartphone-friendly concept), but at this time, consider it to be a news mirror. Genwap is not in proper WAP-format at this time, that is something that is being discussed. Originally it was going to be, but some browsers actually handled it better as a non-WAP site.

Misc. PDA Friendly Sites

You can also read various genealogy sites in RSS Format
Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter – Article about reading RSS feeds on handhelds. (Aug 2005) (Not PDA Friendly)